Counselling in Warwickshire

My name is Haley.  I offer face-to-face counselling in rooms in Kenilworth, as well as offering counselling over the phone and via Zoom.

Warm, open and honest is how I introduce myself. Being with close family and my own personal life experiences led me into counselling. I can empathise, as I know personally that there are times we just don’t feel like ourselves. Loved ones, friends and colleagues want to help – but you can find yourself being given ‘advice’ on what is best for you. My own training involved in-depth personal development which grew my own self-awareness.

Often in the counselling room, I would hear the phrase “I’m starting to connect the dots together.” Clients were connecting experiences from their past that were affecting their present lives. 

Dot to Dot Counselling was founded on this basis – clients leaving the therapy room having connected back to themselves.